Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Imaginary Rabbits

This is my submission for Imaginary Rabbits. A collaborative character design and narrative illustration project. Find them on twitter and get involved!

Burst Magazine

I was featured in the awsome online publication Burst Magazine for there character issue #4, which came out in April. Burst Magazine is a great indie publication. It was really fun to create the illustrations for this issue, and it’s an honour to be features alongside some of the amazing talents in the magazine! You can download the magazine here.

Inspiration Blog

I'm going to start using my tumblr account as an inspiration blog. Get following! - http://chrismargerison.tumblr.com/


A collection of some of my favorite characters I have designed from past/present/future!


I haven't used blogspot for a while, but I'm going to start updating it as of NOW!