Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sheriff Harold S. Truefrog IV

My Submission for the monstrous colab!

This is Harold S. Truefrog IV. He is a mutant frog-human hybrid!

Great, great grandson of Harold S. Truefrog. During late 19th Century America, in the settlement of Spoon City, Kansas, a sinister and deluded Scientist was conducting experiments on amphibious creatures. One of these was a tree frog soon to be known as Harold S. Truefrog. Late one night, an experiment went teribly wrong (or maybe right!). The Scientist rounded up a local drunk from the saloon and according to witnesses, loud bangs were heard and blinding flashes were seen. Spoon City has never been the same since. Harold S. Truefrog went on to become the first non human Sheriff of Spoon City, after his heroics in rounding up bandits with the use of his long arms and sticky hands! He was loved and adored by the locals.

Sheriff Harold S. Truefrog IV is a 4th generation Sheriff. He has failed to live up to his great, great grandfathers legecy however. This is due to his somewhat overweight apearance and bumbling nature! His love of sugar coated pastry doesn't help either. He has vowed to one day become as great as his ancestors!

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